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No.  We provide a highly praised program of vocal and performance training supported by an acclaimed music literacy and ear training curriculum.  All of this is sequenced to ensure a successful journey for each boy.

Rehearsals are held twice per week, including Saturdays at our All-American Boys Chorus Santa Ana facility.  All boys are required to attend Saturday mornings beginning from 9 am – 1 pm.  This extended rehearsal is broken down into boy-friendly 30 min time slots consisting of section rehearsals, music literacy, ear training, voice lessons, and our flagship Grand rehearsal.  Parents volunteer to run our Saturday morning snack-shop and time is set aside each week for recreation and ‘hanging-out’ to enable boys to build friendships.

The second rehearsal during a weeknight lasts for one hour.   Weeknight rehearsal schedules are determined by vocal section (i.e. Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1 or Alto 2).

Additional rehearsals are periodically called in preparation for a special event such as a tour or recording.

Typically, a boy’s time as a member of the All-American Boys Chorus corresponds with the progression from boyhood to adolescence.  This is a crucial time of growth and development in a young man’s life.  The habits and discipline he develops, the friends he has, the respect he cultivates for both himself and others – all these qualities are crucial for success in life and all can be found in the boy-friendly experience that is the All-American Boys Chorus.

Peer-to-peer mentorship, leadership development and striving for musical excellence have all, individually, been demonstrated to be very beneficial and each can be found in many commonly available programs (e.g. Boy Scouts of America, AYS0, etc….).  However, only in the All-American Boys Chorus can you find all three bound together, providing a unique and exceptionally life-enriching program that helps to develop the intellectual life and personal character of each boy.

Contact Artistic Director, Wesley Martin, to arrange to meet for an audition.

An audition consists of singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY several times, pitching/matching some notes from the piano and reading a short paragraph.  The purpose of an audition is to access a boy’s potential rather than the finished product.  In addition to vocal ability, attention is paid to things like following instructions and being respectful towards others.

The initial period of approximately 6-8 weeks is tuition free.  This enables families to try the schedule and the ‘fit’ before making a financial commitment.  Once a boy moves from this initial stage, tuition is charged at $1,325.00 annually.  There is a discount for brothers being $1,125.00 per year.

Boys in the AABC experience a tremendous variety of types of performances from private parties, corporate functions, Christmas Tree lightings, weddings, country clubs, world-class performing arts centers and television appearances, as well as audio studio recordings and music videos.  Performances by the AABC are much in demand and, in addition to local appearances, the AABC tours annually to perform across the USA and for international audiences.

Once a boy has completed his training and become a full-fledged member of the Concert Chorus, then he is eligible to be considered for one of our annual concert tours. 

Absolutely!  We believe it is crucial that a boy has a balance of extra-curricular activities and academics.  There are many boys who have enjoyed tremendous success with our program while maintaining their involvement in various other activities. 

When a boy has completed his time in the AABC, he has experienced instruction in music literacy and ear training at a standard typically reserved for those at the college level. 

The AABC provides its members with diverse and unique performance opportunities covering a rich and varied musical repertoire.  Concert tours are undertaken annually which give the boys unique experiences and show them diverse cultures, all the while presenting the boys to audiences across the United States and around the world.

The period of time that a boy is a member of the chorus coincides with the transformation from boyhood to young-manhood.  This time of sharing experiences and working together with his peers enables him to develop close friendships which in many cases last well into adulthood.

In an environment that is both challenging and rewarding members of the AABC develop an understanding of the connection between hard work and success.  Through the example of staff as well as older, more experienced boys, younger members begin to develop a sense of self-discipline which, over time, becomes a valuable skill that can be applied to other areas of lives.

Over many years, boys from the AABC have successfully gained positions at the OCSA.  Skills that the boys develop in the AABC program hold them in good stead and are highly valued at the OCSA.

My question isn't listed here. How can I find out more?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Artistic Director, Wes Martin, via email